Maintaining and communicating the client medical appointment schedule
Scheduling of medical appointments
Ensuring all medical appointments are covered with staff accompanying as required
Ensuring that clients receiving medical services have transportation to medical appointments by staff, GPT or family
Accompanying clients on medical appointments as needed
Preparing paperwork for appointments, including correct appointment sheet and any reports pertinent to the appointment (seizure report, etc.)
Ensuring that updated/correct insurance information is sent to physician’s office, pharmacy etc. and copy is maintained in the appointment folder
Ensuring that all NEMT or other insurance paperwork is completed correctly and turned in
Ensuring vehicle checks and paperwork is completed and turned in as required
Processing client related medical paperwork and charting
Monitoring and recording weekly BM/Assigning points
Ensuring weekly/monthly monitoring is completed o Ensuring weekly/monthly monitoring is recorded
Updating seizure reports
Forwarding medical records to other providers as requested
Updating EMEDs monthly in appointment folders
Ensuring entry of nursing notes into computer is completed in a timely fashion
Filing of paperwork in client medical notebooks
Thinning of client paperwork and putting into back file as needed
Daily medical reporting o Scanning of medical packet for distribution to other departments
Daily medical updates emailed to distribution list
Scheduling the yearly flu shot clinic
Ensuring consents from family/guardian, and client are obtained
Assist RN with medication processes as requested by RN
Obtaining refills as required
Assisting with monthly medication check in/delivery process
Plus, a variety of additional responsibilities.
Hours are M-F 8 am to 4:30 pm with 30 minutes clocked out for lunch. Every 3rd weekend support with independent meds and on-call medical support.

Please stop by 8823 4th St or 5611 10th St to pick up an application if this is something you will enjoy and serve others as well. Applications also available online at www.sunflowerdiv.com/careers