Role: To serve as a vital member of the operations staff to ensure and maintain the integrity of the electrical distribution system. Engineering knowledge and judgement will be utilized to convey accurate information and necessary system requirements for both the present and future.

Reports to: Operations Manager Oversees: Non-supervisory position Responsibilities:
A. Operations
1. Serve as the system administrator for the SCADA system.
i. Monitor daily operations to maintain sound system functionality and usability.
ii. Build and map new views to easily convey data to operations personnel.
iii. Add new devices and respective point lists to the database.
iv. Teach others how to interpret data and interact with the SCADA system.
2. Offer technical support to operations staff in troubleshooting abnormal
sequences and patterns in line loss figures.
3. Offer support and potential solutions to special equipment staff for the purpose
of troubleshooting and alleviating power quality problems.
4. Communicate with line personnel. Assistance will be needed in protection
coordination, transformer/service conductor sizing, and member complaint
5. Establish communication with all involved parties for large projects. Such projects
may include the construction of a new substation or the safe energization of a
large load.
6. Offer support to member services personnel for the purpose of distributed
generation interconnections.
B. Planning
1. Contribute potential projects to the construction work plan based on sound
engineering practices and judgement with an eye toward improved reliability and
cost savings.
2. Offer technical recommendations on new load additions.
i. Studies may include voltage sustainability, motor start flicker analysis,
and voltage support.
3. Prepare plans following studies regarding voltage profile improvement, phase
balancing, power factor correction, system capacity, protective device
coordination, and system protection.
4. Routinely analyze the system for irregularities and potential problems using
engineering analysis software.
5. Assist in developing conceptual distribution layouts for commercial and
residential developments.
6. Assist in developing distribution system designs for system improvements.
7. Assist in the engineering and implementation of substation modification
C. Record Keeping
1. Maintain records of critical system equipment such as substation transformers,
regulators, capacitors, and protective devices.
2. Maintain and offer improvements for the Substation Emergency Restoration Plan,
Contact information, critical equipment information, and action steps should be
kept accurate to ensure a smooth recovery in the event of an emergency.
D. Other Duties
1. Develop a relationship with cooperative product/service providers to offer input
and recommendations for improvement on tools and services.
2. Keep the system model current to ensure accurate analysis.
3. Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

– Sectionalizing and system protection, load balancing, power factor, voltage drop,
capacity studies, as well as analysis of work plans.
– Utilize engineering analysis modeling and power flow software as well as SCADA data.
– Assist in developing conceptual distribution layouts for commercial and residential
– Assist in developing distribution system designs for system improvements.
– Assist in the engineering and implementation of substation modification projects.
– Recommend engineering practices and standards, authoring technical documents.
– Analyze related technical data in order to make engineering decisions and
recommendations that result in safe, reliable, cost-effective, quality electric
distribution system to serve Prairie Land Electric members.
Required Talents, Skills, Education, and Expertise

Education and Related Experience
– Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering – emphasis in Power Systems
preferred. Previous experience in the utility sector is favorable.

– Strong communication skills required. Ability to effectively convey information in
either written or verbal form to fellow employees, members, and the public is
– Strong problem-solving skills are required. Ability to absorb information from multiple
sources, recognize the problem, and form an action plan to alleviate said problem is
– Applicant must be self-motivated, detail and team oriented.
– Strong computer skills required
– Applicant must have a strong desire to learn and progress with electric cooperative
distribution design.
– Must obtain valid Kansas drivers license.

**If hired, you will be required to provide proof of your eligibility to work in the United States.

TO APPLY, contact April Karnopp, Director of Administration at akarnnopp@ple.coop or (785) 877-3323.