Norton Correctional Facility is accepting applications for a Corrections Counselor II. This job posting closes Sunday, October 24; all paperwork must be provided by Tuesday, October 26.

About the Position

Who can apply: Those who meet qualifications
Classified/Unclassified Service:  Classified
Full-Time/Part-Time: Full-Time
Regular/Temporary: Regular
Work Schedule: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm
Eligible to Receive Benefits:  yes
Veterans’ Preference Eligible: yes
Search Keywords:  Corrections Counselor II

Compensation: $20.13/hour to $26.98/hour

* Salary can vary depending upon education, experience, or qualifications.

Employment Benefits

Comprehensive medical, mental, dental, vision, and additional coverage
Sick & Vacation leave
Work-Life Balance programs: parental leave, military leave, jury leave, funeral leave
Paid State Holidays (designated by the Governor annually)
Fitness Centers in select locations
Employee discounts with the STAR Program
Retirement and deferred compensation programs

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Position Summary & Responsibilities

Position Summary:  This position is responsible for managing and coordinating the development of inmate parole planning or in counseling difficult or recalcitrant inmates.  Work involves offering guidance counseling or assisting in the evaluation of inmates for the purpose of determining their potential for participation in programs or making recommendations concerning parole eligibility and management of unit teams.

Job Responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following:  Counsels inmates having adjustment problems at the living unit, place of work or in other areas in order to identify factors causing problems; assists in organizing and formulating detailed plans for release or parole.  Reviews all pre-parole case material for accuracy, completeness and clarity of thought before distribution is made to field staff for investigation; specifically reviews those plans developed by counselors for inmates requesting parole out of state to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations established for Interstate Compact.  Reviews all reports on inmates which include disciplinary matters and work performance and counsels inmates individually and with other unit team members.  Recommends modification of an inmate’s rehabilitation program in such areas as custody, program involvement, detail assignments, readiness for release on parole and transfers to other institutions, according to information obtained in counseling sessions.  Advises and counsels inmates on the planning of their pre-release programs and conditions of their eventual parole; coordinates pre-release planning with state parole officers and state and local rehabilitation agencies.


Education:  High School Diploma or GED
·        Minimum Qualifications:  A bachelor’s degree with major coursework in criminal justice, the social sciences, or the behavioral sciences, and one (1) year of experience working with residents in corrections, parole, or law enforcement.  Approved substitutions as determined relevant by the agency.


·        Completion of 60 semester hours of coursework from an accredited college or university, including 12 hours in corrections, criminal justice, the social sciences, or the behavioral sciences, and two (2) years of experience in the field of adult/juvenile corrections or case management in social services;  or

·        Completion of 30 semester hours of coursework from an accredited college or university, including six (6) hours in corrections, criminal justice, the social sciences, or the behavioral sciences, and three (3) years of experience in the field of adult/juvenile corrections or case management in social services; or

·        High school diploma or GED and four (4) years of experience in the field of adult/juvenile corrections; or case management in social services.

Preferred Qualifications:  Knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision.  Knowledge of the principles and techniques of individual and group counseling of inmates in a correctional institution.  Knowledge of modern concepts, principles, and practices related to the rehabilitation of criminal offenders.  Knowledge of attitudes, problems, and behavior of individuals under restraint.  Knowledge of programs available for rehabilitation of prison inmates.  Knowledge of interviewing techniques and methods.  Knowledge of general sociological and psychological factors effecting human behavior.  Ability to review and summarize social, psychological, and inmates’ personal background reports.  Ability to relate to and establish rapport with inmates of correctional institutions and to counsel them in their initial adaptation to institutional life.  Ability to work in a cell house within a correctional institution.  Ability to read and comprehend technical narrative material including manuals, handbooks, and instructional memoranda for application to daily work.  Ability to organize and clearly express information in a concise written form.

Post-Offer, Pre-employment Requirements:  Must pass background check and drug test.

Recruiter Contact Information

Name: Cynthia Hadley
Email: cynthia.hadley@ks.gov
Phone: 785-877-6644
Mailing Address: Norton Correctional Facility PO Box 546    Norton, KS 67654

Job Application Process

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Required Documents for this Application to be Complete

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Tax Clearance Certificate
DD214 (if you are claiming Veteran’s Preference)
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Kansas Tax Clearance Certificate Required: Each applicant (even non-residents) applying for a State of Kansas job vacancy must obtain a valid Kansas Certificate of Tax Clearance by accessing the Kansas Department of Revenue’s website.  A Tax Clearance is a comprehensive tax account review to determine and ensure that an individual’s account is compliant with all primary Kansas Tax Laws. A Tax Clearance expires every 90 days. All applicants, including current state employees, are responsible for submitting a valid certificate with all other application materials to the hiring agency.  This is in accordance with Executive Order 2004-03. If you need assistance with the tax clearance, please contact 785-296-3199.

Visit the Tax Clearance site for more information on and where to obtain this Kansas Department of Revenue document.

How to Claim Veterans Preference

Veterans’ Preference Eligible (VPE): Former military personnel or their spouse that have been verified as a “veteran”; under K.S.A. 73-201 will receive an interview if they meet the minimum competency factors of the position.  The veterans’ preference laws do not guarantee the veteran a job.  Positions are filled with the best qualified candidate as determine by the hiring manager.

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Equal Employment Opportunity

The State of Kansas is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  We value diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential elements that create and foster a welcoming workplace.  All qualified persons will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, political affiliation, disability or any other factor unrelated to the essential functions of the job.

If you wish to identify yourself as a qualified person with a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act and would like to request an accommodation, please address the request to the agency recruiter.