The soil conservationist provides assistance to supervisors, co-workers, partnering agencies and
landowners in Kansas. This employee is required to deliver technical services in both field environments
and office settings while effectively communicating with working associates and the public. The soil
conservationist performs these services as a contract employee of a county conservation district in
support of Natural Resources Conservation Service programs.
The employee’s fundamental mission is to promote conservation planning, practices management and
compliance, and to provide conservation assistance through a variety of program support for which the
Natural Resources Conservation Service has responsibility, as well as assisting the Kansas Department of
Agriculture’s Division of Conservation and local conservation districts with technical provisions of soil
and water conservation programs, most notably federal farm bill and state cost-share programs. One
position will be hired for placement in Gove, Kansas to perform duties in a local management unit area
encompassing four counties.
The soil conservationist position is started at an NRCS equivalent Grade 5 or Grade 7 rating depending
on the level of background and experience of a qualifying candidate. The beginning salary of the Grade
5, Step 1 entry-level is $35,265 plus a $4,800 health insurance incentive. The beginning salary of the
Grade 7, Step 1 entry-level is $43,683 plus a $4,800 health insurance incentive. The soil conservationist
position is eligible to earn promotions to the Grade 9 level which has a beginning salary of $53,433 plus
a $4,800 health insurance incentive.
1. College level degree in biology, agriculture, natural resources, soil science or related disciplines
2. Ability to effectively interpret information in land use mapping, planning and design documents
3. Background and familiarity with agriculture or natural resources regarding conservation practices
4. Knowledge of applicable federal, state, and local programs regarding soil and water conservation
A prospective employee will be required to pass all applicable background checks requested by the
Natural Resources Conservation Service. A prospective employee must also possess and maintain a valid
Kansas motor vehicle operator’s license within 60 days of the initial hire date.
Qualified candidates should send a resume, transcripts, cover letter and list of three most recent
employers who can be contacted for references to linda.phillips@ks.nacdnet.net . Applicants must
reference the phrase “Soil Conservationist”, the city location for employment and their last name in the
subject line of the email (e.g. Soil Conservationist – Gove – Smith). The position will remain open until

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