Position Summary & Responsibilities:

This position will remain posted until filled.

Location: This position is located at the Garden City Field Office in Finney County, Kansas.

Job Summary:

Compliance and Enforcement Investigations and Reviews

The employee will perform compliance assignments by performing field investigations, investigations for impairment, waste of water, illegal diversions, meter requirements, and violations of the water right conditions such as exceeding the authorized quantity. Technical equipment will be used as well as using software programs such as GIS and other programs to navigate and obtain data.  Prepare necessary data and reports and submit to Water Commissioner for review.

Compliance enforcement including office reviews and tracking related to administrative actions including Summary Compliance Orders, Notices, water use tracking by making calculations, will also be a function of this position. Enforcement actions will be initiated and reviewed by the Water Commissioner. Detailed reports of findings and action taken will be prepared in all cases, in some cases legal notices, orders and Notices will be drafted. Prepare necessary data and reports and submit to Water Commissioner for review.

The employee will also complete field inspection procedures (in the field) required under K.S.A. 82a-714 for the purpose of determining the extent the water right was developed under a proposed Certificate of Appropriation, which consists of compilation of data from these investigations and inspections to propose a draft certificate.  This will consist of much time spent in the field and also in the office.  This includes the review of the file, water use history and any changes to the diversion works, point of diversion, place of use or use made of water during the perfection period. This employee will work with headquarters staff to ensure certification of proposals take place efficiently.  Prepare necessary data and reports and submit to Water Commissioner for review.

Customer Assistance

The employee will provide direct assistance to the public through review of water right files in the office/field. Will make calculations relative to water usage and assist with the proper filing of water use reports. Make projections relative to proposed water uses, assist in completing application forms, maps, plats, and other associated documents necessary for filing to appropriate water, applications to make changes in existing water rights and requests to reduce existing water rights. Review application in the file to bring into proper form and to collect information on which recommendation will be made by other staff. Complete all necessary reports and submit to Water Commissioner for review.

Other Duty Assignments

Performs other related duties as assigned in an accurate manner and within timeframes specified. Keeps updated on administrative procedures and works with the public, including other agencies, to assist when needed. Maintains a working knowledge of the Kansas Water Appropriations Act. Other related duties as assigned by the Water Commissioner

This position has the opportunity to telework per guidelines of the Telework Policy of the Kansas Department of Agriculture KDA after one year of service.

Minimum Qualifications:

Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with a major course work in an appropriate scientific or engineering field.
Knowledge of agriculture, water systems and Kansas Water Law.
Ability to conduct field work under unfavorable conditions and to deal with confrontation when necessary.
Employee must possess excellent public speaking skills and generally be comfortable talking with a large group of people.
Oral and written communication skills are essential.
Employee must have a valid Class C (or higher) Kansas driver’s license or equivalent license from another state. Employee is responsible to maintain an acceptable driving record to safely drive state vehicle and be willing and able to fulfill all job-related travel normally associated with this position.
Preferred Requirement (Not Required):

Preference is given for someone with previous knowledge of the KWAA and water rights.
Courses or work experience in hydraulics, hydrology, geology, natural resource management, agricultural, or earth science preferred.


Annual Salary: $52,121.38 per year
Hourly Pay: $25.06 per hour

Employment Benefits:

Comprehensive medical, mental, dental, vision, and additional coverage
Sick & Vacation leave
Work-Life Balance programs: parental leave, military leave, jury leave, funeral leave
Paid State Holidays (designated by the Governor annually)
Fitness Centers in select locations
Employee discounts with the STAR Program
Retirement and deferred compensation programs

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