Position Summary & Responsibilities:

This position will remain posted until filled.

Location: This position is located at the Garden City Field Office in Finney County, Kansas

Job Summary:

This position is part of the Interstate Water Issues (IWI) team focusing on the operational and compliance aspects of the Kansas-Colorado Arkansas River Compact (Compact), and will contribute to the coordination, negotiation, and communication with counterparts in Colorado, federal agencies, and other Kansas team members.

This position will participate in planning, development, implementation, and monitoring of operational policies and guidelines related to the Compact, including U.S. Supreme Court decrees and various agreements between Kansas and Colorado, to protect Kansas’ interests in its Arkansas River water supply.

This position will monitor and analyze Colorado operations, including reviewing Colorado ditch diversion accounting using Colorado’s real-time streamflow data and accounting. Review water accounting related to various Colorado regulatory requirements. Review water accounting in John Martin Reservoir.

This position will timely identify any issues, engage the Kansas team, and work with Kansas, Colorado, and/or federal officials as necessary to timely resolve such issues.

Participate in regular meetings with federal agency representatives responsible for federal facilities and structures that measure, control, or impact water supply available to Kansas.

Participate in Colorado operational meetings including water conservancy districts, winter water storage program, water augmentation program, Colorado Division 2 officials, Arkansas River Forum, and other meeting relevant to the Compact and the Arkansas River Basin in Colorado and Kansas.

This position will aid in the performance of the duties generated by the Arkansas River Compact Administration including reviewing meeting transcripts, preparing data, drafting and reviewing reports, and other administrative duties as may be required.

The Hydrologic-Institutional (H-I) Model determines Colorado’s compliance with the Compact. Support the review and evaluation of H-I Model updates, help implement enhancements and refinements to the H-I Model, and help the Kansas team work toward better data-driven decision models in Kansas. Perform field verification of Colorado irrigated acres and trans-mountain, groundwater, and surface water diversions to help Kansas manage water in times of shortage, excess flows, and poor water quality.

This position has the opportunity to telework per guidelines of the Telework Policy of the Kansas Department of Agriculture KDA after one year of service.

Minimum Qualifications:

A professional engineering license recognized by the Kansas Board of Technical Professions.
Bachelor’s degree and any combination of the following equal to one year experience and/or education: environmental science, physical sciences, biological sciences, mathematics and/or engineering.
Be able to give public presentations, conduct discussions in a public forum.
Oral and written communication skills are essential.
Be able to foster and maintain effective working relationship with diverse interest.
Oral and written communication skills are essential.
Travel within the State of Kansas and out-of-state will be required.
Field work may be required as part of the position responsibilities. Field work may result in exposure to loud noises, moving parts, and various climatic conditions.
Employee must have a valid Class C (or higher) Kansas driver’s license or equivalent license from another state. Employee is responsible to maintain an acceptable driving record to safely drive state vehicle and be willing and able to fulfill all job-related travel normally associated with this position.
Preferred Qualifications (Not Required):

Knowledge of agriculture, water systems and Kansas Water Law and regulations.
Experience with water rights administration, hydrologic analysis, and water management is preferred.
Technical experience in conducting hydrologic studies or investigations and reporting results is preferred.
Courses or work experience in water resources, hydrology, and hydraulics is preferred.


Annual Salary Range: $85,000 – $90,000 per year
Hourly Pay Range: $40.87 – $43.27 per hour

Employment Benefits:

Comprehensive medical, mental, dental, vision, and additional coverage
Sick & Vacation leave
Work-Life Balance programs: parental leave, military leave, jury leave, funeral leave
Paid State Holidays (designated by the Governor annually)
Fitness Centers in select locations
Employee discounts with the STAR Program
Retirement and deferred compensation programs

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