Position Summary & Responsibilities:

This position will remain posted until filled.                Location: Finney County

Job Summary:

This position will be responsible for assisting with the development of Local Enhanced Management Areas (LEMAs) and Water Conservation Areas (WCAs).  This includes public education and outreach, water right research, providing maps and data, and preparing draft plans.

This position will conduct field investigations for related to LEMAs and WCAs.  . These must be conducted with knowledge of the Kansas Water Appropriation act under KSA 82a-701 through 82a-737, Article 5-1 through 5-30, and by applying proper testing procedure and equipment to obtain the actual rates of diversion and determine quantities authorized, diverted and developed under various types of surface and groundwater installations. Determine if all required equipment including water flowmeters are the type specified and are installed properly.  Determine if all provisions including the point of diversion and place of use are as authorized and determine if all other terms, conditions and limitations of the file is in compliance. Record all pertinent information relative to these matters and document all work to bring actions to completion. Review water use records, points of diversion, place of use, rates, and quantities diverted to determine if water is being applied within the terms, conditions and limitations of the permit.

Field investigations related to water administration with programs such as minimum desirable streamflow’s, impairment, illegal diversions, recurring over-pumping, and meter investigations as assigned.


Bachelor’s degree and any combination of the following equal to one year experience and/or education: environmental science, physical sciences, biological sciences, mathematics and/or engineering.
Valid driver’s license
Knowledge of agriculture, water systems and Kansas Water Law


·         Annual Salary: $48,485 Per Year

·         Hourly Pay: $23.31 Per Hour

* Salary can vary depending upon education, experience, or qualifications.

If you are aware of anyone who may be interested, please direct them to the following website:



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