Location: This position is located at the Garden City Field Office in Finney, County.

Job Summary:

This position will be part of a technical team that is responsible for the administration of water between six irrigation ditches in Southwest Kansas. This requires the individual in this position to coordinate with various ditch, DWR staff, and Colorado State officials.  This individual is part of a team that will interpret applicable federal court decrees, rules and regulations as well as adhere to guidelines developed by the DWR.  The employee will assist with the analysis of that data, communicating any conclusions or concerns related to issues related to the Arkansas River water supply.  This position also maintains a daily accounting of water related to the operation of John Martin Reservoir, which is fundamental to the protection of Kansas’ share of Arkansas River surface water supply that originates in Colorado.  This position will administer the Arkansas River water supply in a manner consistent with the federal court decree of 1911 (as modified), the Kansas Water Appropriation Act (KWAA), the Kansas and Colorado Arkansas River Compact, and other appropriate governing documents affecting available river water supplies for beneficial use in Kansas.  This position will generate appropriate daily, monthly, and annual accounting reports and advise the water commissioner, or other designated DWR staff, of any problems or special considerations.

This position will be responsible for conducting physical measurements of surface water and groundwater level measurements. This activity will also require the completion of the appropriate reports and data entry into the appropriate computer software.

This position must be able to evaluate field situations and apply his/her knowledge of the KWAA, rules and regulations to take some action in the field with regard compliance investigations, monitoring of wastewater complaints, impairment complaints, unlawful diversions, and compliance with conditions of a water right.



Bachelor’s degree and any combination of the following equal to one year experience and/or education: environmental science, physical sciences, biological sciences, mathematics and/or engineering.
Valid driver’s license
Knowledge of agriculture, water systems and Kansas Water Law – Preference is given for someone with previous knowledge of the KWAA and water rights


·         Annual Salary Range: $48,485 Per Year

·         Hourly Pay Range: $23.31 Per Hour

* Salary can vary depending upon education, experience, or qualifications.

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