Donovan Excavating is actively seeking a self-motivated Equipment Operator to join our team. As an Equipment Operator, you will be responsible for operating various heavy equipment in construction, trucking, and farm work settings. The ideal candidate¬† must possess a current Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and have a strong work ethic.

Key Responsibilities:

Operate and maintain heavy equipment, including but not limited to excavators, bulldozers, loaders, and trucks.
Perform a variety of tasks related to construction, trucking, and farm work.
Adhere to safety guidelines and protocols to ensure a secure working environment.
Work independently or as part of a team to complete assigned tasks efficiently.
Maintain equipment and perform routine inspections to ensure proper functionality.
Operate equipment in a safe and responsible manner, considering environmental and site conditions.
Adapt to varying job duties and responsibilities within the construction, trucking, and farm work sectors.
Work approximately 50 hours per week, with overtime pay available as needed.


Valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).
Proven experience as an equipment operator in construction, trucking, or farm work.
Ability to operate and maintain heavy equipment.
Strong work ethic and self-motivated.
Flexibility to handle diverse job duties and adapt to changing work environments.
Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

About Donovan Excavating

We are looking to hire a self starter with a CDL, has some mechanical skills who is willing to learn. We do all kinds of construction, trucking, and farm work. Work will be around 50 hours a week with over time pay. Call Justin @ Donovan Excavating 785-639-2990